Less is more - think sustainable



At DKT, our mission is to contribute to a sustainable and ecologically responsible world without compromising our quality of life. We believe that economic prosperity and environmental responsibility can effectively complement each other. Our dedication lies in developing innovative solutions and forming strategic partnerships to provide scalable, future focused solutions that benefit future generations.

We are a company that creates special solutions for turning sludge into clean energy. Our aim is to process sludge without hurting the environment. We want to give communities access to less expensive sources of energy in order to counter the negative effects of the current energy crisis. We provide a green and reliable kind of energy that doesn't damage the Earth and helps save the planet for future generations.


The Big Energy Shift is upon us. It's time to bid farewell to fossil fuels and embrace the renewable future. Clean up, power up, and get shit done.

Every day, we rise strong and ready to illuminate the world's energy future. Reshape the energy landscape, leaving a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

We are dedicated to making this change. We're committed to pragmatic solutions, knowing technology is our ally and collaboration is our strength, to extend our reach and impact.
Innovation is at our core. We continually seek ways to improve, knowing that transformation is the key to lasting change. Together, with unwavering dedication and innovation, we'll light up a brighter, cleaner, and fairer world.
Assembling technology for a sustainable future


We must all pull together - because no one can win the fight against poverty, injustice and climate change alone. In these times of change, the consistent endeavour to achieve the sustainability goals of the United Nations is particularly important.


We don't just want to watch, we want to act!
We want to push the boundaries of what is possible in order to improve living conditions worldwide on the basis of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

As we have recognised that the sustainability goals are inextricably linked, we approach them holistically without making compromises. We want to find solutions that make the world a better place to live and promote innovation.